About Us

Hello Everyone,

First of all thank you to visit our webpage. It is a great pleasure to welcome you. Why I decided to prepare this web page? Who am I? A long interesting story....  I am Sakis Lemonidis, Greek citizen coming from Holland and finally decided to live in Istanbul.

For personal reasons; (a love story) I decided to move in this marvelous city;  Istanbul! To start a new life.... Istanbul is such a city that blows your mind, you fall in love or you hate at first sight… I fell in love! The Bosporus with two bridges like the pearl necklace on the neck of a woman, connecting two continents with flavor of different cultures…. A city that never sleeps… This oriental atmosphere… like the first rendezvous…. My beauty…. It was the land of my grandfathers…. Konstantinoupolis! A dream… a magic that hypnotizes you… A city that everyone has to see at least once in their lives…..

Here starts the story of our webpage. At the beginning everything seemed ok until I arrived Istanbul airport. I was like a fish just out of the sea… Speaking no Turkish, having no friends here and knowing nowhere…. And many legal procedures to be completed. I was lucky because my girlfriend is Turkish and everything was done by her.
After a certain time this gave me an idea; I was thinking how other people can manage all these bureaucracy and procedures without having a contact. So I decided to make my webpage as a guide for expatriates, foreigners or visitors or anyone who needs information about Turkey. I tried to provide all kinds of services that you may need even for short term touristic stays and long term stays like me. How I could help the others without to waste their time and money? Where to go for stay, for eat, for fun, for music, for dance?... and how to fulfill legal procedures such as working and residence visa in the shortest way, business assistance for businessmen, airport pick up (if you don’t know the city such small issue may become a catastrophe). To be an answer for any questions you may want to ask, any info you may need.

A city with a 19 million population…. Where to locate? Old city? City center? Asian side? European side? Why?...
Yes! To help and support you a bit… to give an idea…. Mostly to be able to show you the light at the end of the tunnel…. To share your difficulties …. An address in Istanbul…. A shoulder to lean on…. Here we are….
Sincerely yours,